This “DeFi 2.0 protocol” to hold its allocation mining event on Launchpool beginning November 8

Published by Shaurya Malwa on CryptoSlate

Pollen DeFi, the decentralized platform where the community will manage the weighting of asset portfolios that back up market-tradable tokens, today announced its Allocation Mining Event (AME) on, a trusted project launchpad with a strong community-based ethos.

During the 10-day event, slated to begin November 8, a total of 1.5 million Pollen ($PLN) governance tokens will be offered at $0.50 per token.

How Pollen DeFi works?

Pollen DeFi aims to push decentralized finance into the ‘DeFi 2.0’ era with a next-generation DeFi product, which moves beyond institutio....

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