SWFT Fleet Review

The SWFT Fleet is an electric bicycle with a classic beach cruiser style and a 37.2-mile range. The bike has a 19.8 MPH top speed courtesy of a 500W motor inside, and it works with a single rechargeable, removable battery that takes approximately 6 hours to go from totally empty to totally full. This is a big, high-quality electric bike the likes of which have scarcely been out-done in the world today.

The SWFT Fleet is one of several electric bicycles made by the company. You’ll find a more rugged machine with the SWFT Zip, and a bike roughly equivalent (in looks, anyway) to a fixed-gear bike with the SWFT Volt. The SWFT Fleet is the “chill” bike of the bunch – the one made for “cruising around town”, as SWFT suggests. ....

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