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About Nerdlify

Nerdlify is a platform where developers, programmers, marketers, writers, designers in Africa can list their experiences, and portfolios. These profiles are used by hiring companies to build a dream team for their projects.

Why Nerdlify

African developers are usually sidelined by international companies, mainly because there is no platform that has a rich portfolio of the developers. With Nerdlify it is easy to find a developer for a particular role or project. The idea came to life after also realising the hurdles freelancers in Africa face:

  • Skyrocketing unemployment means almost every graduate is a freelancer and they accept any price for it. The competition is therefore hard. 
  • Low internet usage and many people don't realise the benefits of the internet services such as websites, social media .e.t.c. and it takes a lot of effort to convince them to pay for it, and if they pay it won't be much.
  • Skill level. There are so many people who know so much that we don't. On Fiverr for example, the most popular group of freelancers are the Indians and Pakistans. They do better work at ridiculous prices. 
  • Lack of resources. Even after people graduate from college, it's still hard for them to buy a computer, and afford the internet. 

Nerdlify intends to address the problems above. by offering a freelancing platform exclusively for Africans. Local companies can hire people from their countries easily and transact in a currency and way they want. 


Developers, programmers, writers, marketers, and designers create a profile and they describe who they're, what have they worked on, their experiences and most importantly their preferred salary. Their profiles are public and anyone can see them.   


For individuals who looking for a person, a freelancer to do their work, they come on Nerdlify and create a request. Freelancers on Nerdlify will then compete on the request and the best one will be chosen, by the person who posted the request. This is will make sure the platform is transparent, with zero nepotism and all.